Annual development plan

  1. Continued development of a vibrant, innovative and positive culture where residents and staff can thrive in a home-from-home service built for the long term whilst keeping on mission.
  2. Ensure that resident participation in the running of the home is visibly demonstrated through responsive and achieved action plans and a culture of resident-led decision making.
  3. Maintain highly individualized, current and achievable person-centered care plans for every resident which capture the fine details and lever ongoing improvement.
  4. Ongoing innovations to activity provision so that it goes the extra mile and continues to impact on everyone on a regular basis in line with preferences.
  5. Ensure on-going staff development including high professionalism, teamwork distributed leadership, quality training, performance, morale and low turnover (below 5%).
  6. Improve effective, ethical and servant leadership in all areas in line with our agreed stated values Commitment, Caring, Choice and Dignity.
  7. Reinforce the positive and open culture code at Old Hastings House so that it’s lived by all staff.
  8. Gold Standard Framework (GSF) Reaccreditation by April 2024 and move to Beacon status by developing more champions and inducting newer staff.
  9. Achieve the targets set out in the action plan of the current Residents/relatives yearly satisfaction survey.
  10. Consolidate and build upon stratified dementia care provision by making the new All Saints Suite successful in achieving improved resident outcomes along with a full service.
  11. Further strengthen community links within the heart of the old town including the development of a Day Centre by April 2024.
  12. Ensure that the systems of Old Hastings House are impactful on outcomes for residents as evidenced by observation, care records, written testimonies, audits, activity participation, improved outcomes, care practices, resident forums, and succession planning development of new leaders.
  13. Maintain an effective system of quality monitoring to ensure that the home stays on mission and is well-led shown by: Everyone fulfilling their responsibilities in a way which meets or exceeds resident’s expectations in terms of personalised care, safety, responsiveness and effectiveness.