Our fees

As from 1st April 2023 our fees start at £950 per week for Old Hastings House, and £1,100 per week for the All Saints Suite, and £1,300 per week for the Magdalen EMI Suite.

Fees are low compared with those of other homes in the locality.

The weekly fee for the Main House is £950 (not based on the room size) and min stays are 4 weeks. We call this the holiday period. The fee comes rent free as we own the building. We are also a not-for-profit charity which is why fees are below the local average. We do take a proportion of people (up to 1/3rd) on the local authority rate as part of our community facing ethos. We offer places on the basis of low/medium need on admission in order to balance our staffing resource given that we always have a small number of established residents with medium needs and an even smaller number with high needs. This we find is the best way of maintaining excellence for all. The person needs to be mobile, able to dress themselves, healthy, wants to move in, and will be motivated to take part in activities to alleviate isolation.

We also have a dedicated dementia Magdalen Suite and All Saints Suite where the fees are £1100-1300. These smaller units for 15 or 9 people respectively were set up for those in the main house who developed dementia as their prime need where they need more assistance with daily living. We do occasionally accept people externally for the Suites.

We provide all meals and laundry services along with housekeeping – this frees up our residents for a vibrant lifestyle. The fee is all inclusive other than for sundries such as hairdressing, newspapers, or chiropody or for medical appointments requiring escorts.

For more details regarding room and availability please contact us.

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